AIR-BB NEO: Communication When It Matters!


The many years of experience in the market and the consideration of customer requirements has enabled us to develop a product line that meets the demanding fast moving market.

The AIR-BB NEO series is designed to transport your data, voice and video communication reliably in almost all surroundings, as for example in areas with high interference, long distances with Line-of-Sight conditions, over the water and open terrain and in areas with extreme weather conditions.

The AIR-BB NEO TDD Point to Point link performance is strongly related to radio link quality and efficiency of the access protocol that decides when to transmit and what to transmit. AIR-BB NEO PTP systems support a data throughput rate up to 700Mbps in the frequency range of 4.9-6.1 GHz.

AIR-BB NEO - Point to Point

AIR Broadband Point to Few (PTF) allows network operators to provide dedicated wire-like bandwidth from a base station to each subscriber unit - up to 8 subscribers synchronized with PTP backhaul. With PTF, AIR Broadband has introduced a dedicated Base Station with an integrated 16dBi 90o antenna and a Subscriber Unit which can also communicate with all existing AIR Broadband products.

AIR-BB NEO - Point to Few