Founded in 1969, Zebra has a rich heritage of innovation. The company currently holds over 4200 asset management technology patents and with over 1700 engineering experts on staff continues to expand our portfolio of solutions and services.

Data is the new natural resource, and your industry thrives on it. But what drives business is not the amount of data, but the right data. How will you manage thousands of data points to pinpoint the ones you need to make the best decisions?

Zebra’s suite of solutions – complete with hardware, software, supplies and services – make data management, well, more manageable. We can help you identify and capture the critical information you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively, every day, every hour, and every minute.

As global integrated value chains become increasingly complex and volatile, businesses need greater visibility into their assets. We can help you identify where your assets are, and also what state they are in.

When you choose ZEBRA you get a network that is more intelligent, more reliable, more secure and more manageable, with a reduction in infrastructure requirements and operational costs. You simply have less equipment to purchase and less equipment to manage.

Unlike typical point solutions, the WLAN product line offers everything required to create, install and easily manage an end-to-end wireless enterprise. And the entire portfolio offers the proven interoperability, simplifying and reducing the cost of your mobility deployments — from access points and controllers to mesh, integrated services platforms, wireless IPS and Voice-over-WLAN solutions.

Access Points