TL Series

The TL Series microwave full indoor system is the new Hybrid concept radio to meet both SDH and IP microwave radio scenarios. In combination with optical carrier systems and/or packed networks, the TL radio system forms both the backbone of the communications network, and also spur, access and aggregation layer communication systems. 

TL series supports the whole range of frequency bands from 4 GHz up to 13GHz according ITU-R channel plans and provides scalable data rates up to 16 STM-1 or 4Gbs in a single ETSI rack.

Based on a universal shelf it enables the full set of configurations: Single or Double Terminal up to 15+1, Single or Double Radio Protection Switching (RPS), any channelling scheme ACAP, ACCP or CCDP: all in the same shelf, all in the same rack.


  • Market leading rack density with 16 channels/rack
  • Full band coverage from 4 to 13GHz, including Multi-band operation
  • Wide bandwidth options supported: 28, 29, 29.65, 30, 40, 56MHz
  • Adaptive modulation from 4QAM to 512QAM
  • Universal shelf allowing single and double term
  • Channeling scheme ACAP, ACCP or CCDP
  • Universal High power transceiver per band supporting XPIC & SD
  • N+1 protection scheme for alternated operation and 2x(N+1) for Co-channel operation
  • TX Power up to +35dBm with ATPC 20dB range for very long haul
  • 1dB step RTPC/MTPC supported to fine-tune TX power for energy saving
  • Wide range of interfaces: Native STM-1 e/o and Native IP e/o
  • Synch E and IEEE 1588v2 transparent mode available
  • Automatic digital group delay equalisation and SD antenna delay equalisation.
  • Embedded HTTP server for web browser connection


  • Trunk Link Series provides Native IP and Native SDH connections; it is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in access networks and backbone areas. Its competitive features strongly justify the concept of an advanced telecommunications network scenario in which access and trunk radio systems complement and support copper and fibre optic systems in a very effective and efficient mixed-media approach. 
  • SDH radio ring deployment up to 16xSTM-1
  • Spur Links for Backbone/Ring
  • Back up transmission medium to Fibre Optic links