Point-to-Point 70/80 GHz

Many frequencies, licensed and unlicensed, between 2GHz and 40GHz, are congested or becoming so resulting in poor quality or interrupted services.

Moreover, in order to deliver higher data speeds, more radio frequency bandwidth is needed. In recognition of this many administrations have released or are releasing mmW frequencies for PTP use.

Traditional PTP technologies use channel widths up to 56 MHz restricting raw Ethernet throughput to around 400 Mbps.Users requiring Gigabit speeds would need 156 MHz of spectrum.This amount of spectrum is simply not available in the traditional Licensed Microwave Bands.

The currently released mmW bands at 60, and 70/80 GHz unlock new spectrum making them ideal for high throughput data communications

The Licensed Microwave Bands are now so full in urban areas that acquiring even a 7 MHz channel are proving challenging.

70/80 GHz-mmW communications tend to be short range (up to 4.000m) due to a combination of water and oxygen absorption in the atmosphere.

This however, is not a disadvantage in today’s fibre rich world where the “last mile” is the most expensive and the place where Millimetre Wave (mmW) technologies are ideal for deployment.

Available Spectrum 70/80 GHz

  • UK/EIRE/ETSI/FCC 71-76 GHz / 81-86 GHz Light License

Our portfolio regarding 70/80-GHz-systems includes following manufacturers:


Fastback Networks (SUB10)


SIAE Microelettronica