From education and healthcare, to manufacturing and intelligent transportation, AIR’s wireless broadband solutions allows you to have control over your facilities, security, future growth and all in a cost effective manner.

Fixed, nomadic or on the move: AIR Wireless Broadband Solutions provide total high-speed, purpose-build solutions to help enterprises, service providers and municipalities or governments connect reliably anywhere and everywhere.

All your data, voice and video communications are easily covered with variations of state-of-the-art high-speed Point-toPoint, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh, WiFi, WiMax and LTE networks.

You will be able to deploy and extend a reliable secure and safe system in any indoor or outdoor arena.

AIR’s wireless broadband end-to-end architecture include the necessary back office applications, devices and broadband networks as well as advanced solutions for:

•           Backhauling voice and data transfer (LTE/WiMAX)

•           Video surveillance

•           Traffic and transportation management solutions

•           Emergency teams solutions

•           Oil&Gas solutions

•           Everywhere Access

•           Disaster Recovery and Ad Hoc Networks